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Soccer training – Warm-Up - Partner Pass

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Soccer drill procedure

In practice, soccer trainers are often let down by their team when they present this drill. But "dribbling" is a simple instruction, so what goes wrong? The dribbler carries out his job without enthusiasm, or just enough for brief dribbling.

The mistake is with the trainers, and not with the trainees. Ask for explosive dribbling with changes of direction. Do not forget tricks and turns, if such are to be handled. Only when you explain this will the player know what you want from him.


One player is the passer. Each of the other players receives the pass, briefly dribbles freely over the field, and then passes the ball back. After some time the tasks are exchanged.


- Tricks or feints are built into the dribbling
- Different dribbling techniques

Soccer coach tips

- Always train using both legs!

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training
Minimum group size: 2
Maximum group size: 2
Materials required: One ball per group
Field size: -

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