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Mobile soccer training

You can also access Soccerpilot at Whether you’re looking for information on tricks, magazine articles, or anything else, our soccer training can now be accessed from anywhere. Animations can be used to guide and correct drills in real time.

All areas of have automatic redirects in place. When you access the site with your smartphone, you will be asked whether or not you want to go to the mobile web page.

Of course, we’ve done our best. However, if you experience any problems with how the site is displayed, or the loading time, we want to hear about them. Feedback also encourages us. Sadly, we haven’t been able to test on a large variety of different handset models...

So off you go, grab your phone and go to:

We wish you lots of fun with our mobile soccer training.

All the best,

Your Soccerpilot team

This Soccerpilots mobile QR code can be read and decoded by a smartphone’s camera. It allows URLs to be represented and “scanned” into the phone, and “translated” into the appropriate website. In order to do this, you need a free QR code reader on your mobile phone. These are available as apps for all varieties of smartphone.

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