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New soccer training drills | February 8th, 2012

We have posted several additional drills online again and they are available on video as well. We are currently investing a lot of time and energy in new projects, therefore our news broadcasts may be slightly delayed.

231 exercises with a total of 424 animations are currently available online.

Soccer drills - Pass Distributor

Pass Distributor

“Not everyone will be able to trust that his team will manage this drill but one should not underestimate one's players either. Though the start is still easily manageable, things will become definitely difficult during the next drill.......

Soccer training - goal shot

Goal Combination

Procedures aimed at scoring goals during soccer drills can often be combined with interesting pass sequences. Here, we need four groups of players, and the stations should at least be double-crewed. This enables the implementation of the unit.......

Curve Dribbling - soccer training

Curve Dribbling

Drills that are not contextually assigned to just one category, but have a focus nevertheless are, the current trend. This form of drill is included and primarily consists of dribbling. At first glance, it looks a lot more complicated than it is.......

Soccer drills - tackling

1:1 After Sprint

Ok, now we would like to see who sprints faster. This is a great duel that guarantees successful training and a lot of fun.The players sprint around the field after the coach has issued the start command. The field should be outlined with lines or cones.......

Soccer training - Dribbling

Mouse Hole

The simplest way to build this drill would be having a centre circle at your disposal. In order to avoid shortcuts, the circle can be closed further by ground markings. The set-up is clear from the graphics, and I will not explain it further......

Soccer training - warm up


In our groups of three, the player in the middle keeps having to cover long distances. Therefore, you should make sure that the players in the groups switch positions after each run. The wider you set up the playing field.......

Soccer training - coach tips

Soccer Training Is Dumb

Repetition without the repetition - Who doesn’t know this? The players complain again about boring practice contents. But how can I offer a variety during practice? Many coaches constantly repeat drills with the reasoning.......

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