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New soccer training drills | January 30th, 2012

A further seven new drills are online, and they all consist of our well-known animations, and in addition the new video animations.

There is also an article on the perfect kids' and youth coach, a list of qualities that a trainer should have.

We are pleased that a further website is up and running, as from this week. It concerns the young stars. Fantasy soccer training at, with thrilling stories on the individual exercises.

Soccer drills - team of six

Team Of Six

“Team of six” is a drill for people skilled in combination play. Attacks from the front, from “wall players”, and also from the wings. In the penalty area comes skilful use of space, and, if the trainer wishes, defenders.......

Soccer drills - groups of four

Groups Of Four

A classic drill that challenges your players and motivates them, once trained. A real team experience! Every player of the groups of four receives his own start rectangle. The balls are in juxtaposed start fields on one side.......

Soccer drills - passing

Lane Pass

This drill appears to be complicated. Once the sequence has been understood, the drill becomes more and more simpler. We recommend playing the first shot in slow motion. Besides passing, this drill trains the vertical, quick through ball.......

Soccer training - passing

Right Down The Field

Simple drill for kids soccer; it is also suitable for youth soccer when played at high speed. Drills need not be difficult always. This drill can be imparted quickly and includes many aspects that should not be missing in kids and youth soccer.......

Soccer training - goal shot

Two-Point Game

A goal-shooting competition which promises to be exciting. In our animation, we’ve shown two groups of four competing against each other. If the player scores with his first shot, a team-mate passes another ball to him.......

Soccer training - Direct receiving

Direct Receiving

In the introductory drill, we have a simple goal shot practice exercise which is carried out on two sides at the same time. Accurate passing to the goal shot position could become a problem, because the ball.......

Soccer training - Dribbling

Cone Path

Please take a look at the video which accompanies the exercise, where we have increased the practice area. Make the dribbling paths as narrow as possible, so as to force the players to use their soles when pulling the ball around the cone.......

Soccer training - warm up

Spider’s Web

Our spider’s web can be increased to include another four groups, if you put another group into each of the gaps in the central area of the drill. However, it’s already very crowded in the middle, and the tricky dribbling paths mean.......

Soccer training - warm up

Kids’ Coach for Soccer - Nobody is perfect!

Who is infallible? Are you aware of how strong your performance should be? Work, related to kids’ soccer and youth soccer is often underestimated.......

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Soccer training for kids

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