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New soccer training drills | November 30th, 2011

Altogether, there are another eight drills with 26 animations online.

In three practice sessions, we will focus again on indoor training. If you have enough lines and tires at your disposal on the field, there are two soccer drills that will breathe some fresh air into your practice.

Have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise Combination Drill

Combination Drill

The drill includes: shot on goal, running around, ball positioning, goalkeeper training and concentration. If this drill works, then the team will have a great team-success experience. Have a careful look at the sequence in......

Soccer exercise Pressed For Time

Pressed For Time

It’s amazing how easy it can be to force players to take their eyes off the ball before a shot on goal. In this drill, which starts as a chase, the shooter looks to see where the goalkeeper is. Should I shoot against the direction he is running or......

Soccer exercise warm up

Running Rows

A good start to a great soccer practice. Two groups dribble around the practice field. Teamwork is called for, with high concentration while performing this drill. The players run in two groups around the field of cones......

Soccer dribbling drills


Keep an eye on your players and you will quickly see who is trying to cheat. The competition takes place without a start command at first; the second player may only start when the first dribbler has reached the cone......

Soccer passing drills

Pass-Stop And Overlapping

The animation shows two players on the practice field. It is possible to also put more than one pair on the start position, who then alternate constantly. Good experience for running behind the ball in soccer......

Soccer indoor drills

Coordinated Line Running

Line running is a special form of movement coordination. Players run along a line, from which they will sidestep away in progressive soccer drills. Something that looks very easy and somewhat strange at first will become......

Hoops Coordination

Hoops Coordination

Hoops are tools that can often be found in gym halls. Gymnastic hoops are as useful as a coordination ladder for coordination training. They can be used for many different soccer training programs, making indoor training......

Bench Passing

Bench Passing

A drill unit for passing and receiving the ball in indoor training. Long benches in the hall are an ideal tool. The passes in this drill are always played against the benches. That only works when the benches are turned on their side......

The Foundations of the 4-4-2

The Foundations of the 4-4-2

The big problem in this formation is the large gap between midfield and attack. During possession of the ball and when losing possession, this space closes up soon. There is also no playmaker and as a result, the central attacking midfield......

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