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New soccer training drills | November 22nd, 2011

Today’s news offers a selection of soccer drills from different sections.

Some of these drills have been newly devised; because in addition to existing soccer drills, we also keep publishing completely new content.

Have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise tackling

Double Chance

Players have to produce two one-on-ones right off the bat; who is offense, and who is defense in these one-on-ones won’t be decided until the drill has already started. The attacker in the first one-on-one has a good chance of scoring a goal......

Soccer exercise Cross Delivery

Cross Delivery

The beginning of this drill is straightforward and easy; it gets more difficult in the subsequent drills. The only thing that may lead to confusion amongst players is the line-of-sight to the poles. This is a part of the drill......

Soccer exercise Ping Pong

Ping Pong

You should be a little bit careful before carrying out this drill. To avoid risks, you can forgo the blocking attempt. In this drill, the kicker alone decides when and from where to shoot. He must move sideways very dynamically......

Soccer exercise warm up

Double Field

A position switch takes place from both exercise fields upon the coach’s command. The coach can also call two names, instead of the numbers used in our animation. You can keep giving both fields different tasks......

Soccer exercise star dribbling

Star Dribbling

A very comprehensive collection of drills on star dribbling, which should help to make soccer practice warm-ups more diverse. This makes an intensive warm-up possible, even for larger groups......

Soccer dribbling drills


We create four different variations of this game set-up. The sequences make it possible for each group to start with a ball at the same time; this is a matter of course for the last sequence. Changing sides automatically leads......

Soccer passing drills

Hell Combo

This drill can certainly be called difficult, when it’s carried out with a lot of dynamics and at a fast pace. We send a player to “passing hell”. Surrounded by four players, he faces a great challenge of serving all of his teammates......

Soccer tricks drills


Ronaldinho was Soccer Player of the Year in both 2004 and 2005. His trademark is his unusual ball handling. There is probably no soccer player who has created as much magic and as many tricks as he has......

Kids Soccer Team

Basic Rules for Handling a Kids’ Soccer Team

The coach should be aware of his role model function - The kids should be praised time and again and never criticized openly - Even inferior plays should be addressed positively......

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