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New soccer training drills | November 12th, 2011

Because many drills are already online, we have improved the navigation in individual categories. You can now jump from drill to drill with the use of arrow buttons without constantly returning to the menu.

Apart from three drills from other categories, we took care of the indoor training and published five new soccer drills. They are especially distinguished by the fact that they build up quickly and the processes are indeed unusual but very intense.

Have fun with our new drills,
your Soccerpilot Team

Soccer exercise tackling

Ball Depot

This drill is somewhat complicated to setup and difficult to follow through with it. Instead of three attackers in the center, two or four if possible and instead of just one defender, two. I would vary this depending on the number......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

One-Sided Double-Pass

Two double passes to one side of the field before the shot! The players will need lots of space for this one, take into account the distances from the goal. Some time will need to run the exercise before it works the way you imagine......

Soccer exercise warm up


This drill has one catch. If the players do not pay attention to the way they are running, a group will tire out very quickly, then you will be missing players. Therefore, players are challenged impose their stamp on this unit and for this......

Soccer indoor drills

Bouncing Ball

We have placed a player on a box, ideally this can be a second goalkeeper. Nothing would work here without proper passing and there is no second attempt for the player who passes, he has to back off and wait for his next chance......

Soccer indoor drills

Box Run

The process looks confusing because many players are always in the move. Players in the center have to do the main work, who should therefore always be replaced on time.The drill consists of both players in the center and four groups......

Soccer indoor drills

Bench Lane

The practicing player should run swiftly down a lane between the benches and will be rewarded at the end with a shot on the goal. Quick to set up and full of variations, this soccer drill is for when your players stand around less......

Soccer indoor drills

Bench Barrier

This soccer drill can be quickly and easily set up in any indoor gymnasium, the space needed is small. At the same time we have our usual countless series of variations, three of which we've shown here......

Soccer indoor drills


Not really "airballs" but long, high and accurate passes, as we shall see. Then there is the reception of the ball and in between we have set up a wall of boxes and a bench to make it tougher. We have shown you the practice field......

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