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New soccer training drills | October 20th, 2011

We have a few more exciting drills, and then we are taking a short vacation. The next sets of drills will be released in the 44th calendar week, so in almost two weeks.
For now, 147 drills are already online and we won’t stop at that. In the last week, we visited Bavaria Munich and also took a look at their kids’ and youth training. We took away some great drills from that; which we will publish.

Have fun with our new drills and informations,
your Soccerpilot Team

Ice Spray – How Useful Is It For Amateurs?

Ice Spray – How Useful Is It For Amateurs?

The pain is a warning signal sent by the body. The pain can be alleviated by the ice spray, but the injury remains. An injury can worsen when the player lacks any sensation of pain......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

One-Eighty Turn

Scoring a goal immediately after a one-eighty is the target of this drill. The player may not lose any time while turning. Smooth run towards the goal, pull the ball perhaps with the sole. A player runs to the two cones that are placed at......

Passing exercise

Short Pass

The "neat short passing game" is a familiar name for short distance passes. These short passes are precisely what we want to practice now. A short pass is executed quickly, without a long ball control, to surprise the enemy.....

Passing exercise


In this passing drill with three players, a player is put under a lot of pressure. Don’t forget to swap these players frequently; the content is aimed at practicing not only simple passing, but also passing under pressure.....

Soccer exercise tackling


This drill was recommended to us by a US soccer coach. With the help of our colleagues, we are currently developing a more comprehensive drill module for tactical training. This tackling module also trains the goalkeeper......

Soccer tackling

One-On-One Change

You are the key person in this sequence. Clear commands and good timing will make this drill a highlight. This is difficult for the coach, because he must always take care that the numbers he calls are not already on the field and......

Soccer exercise warm up

Triangle Effect

This series of drills is really effective, when the players have got accustomed to the drill sequence. Accurate passing game, keeping the running lanes and speed increase - demand all of this from your team......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Cross Pass Duo With Turn

Viewing the animated series reveals the name of the drill. The players dribble between their cones back and forth; this results in a running lane that looks like a cross. An important part of this drill is the turn at the cone......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Three Squares

Take a close look and you will see three squares in this drill set-up; each one has its own function in the drill and we will use one square more or less in the variations. As is often the case, you can create your own variations......

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