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New soccer training drills | October 11th, 2011

The weather is so bad here that training on the field will not be that much fun. It should definitely be better at your place and there is no reason to withhold our new drills.

We publish a total of 8 soccer drills and a text classified in the headings of tactics, tricks, goal shot, warm-up, passing, tackling and dribbling.

Have fun with our new drills and informations,
your Soccerpilot Team

exercises goalkeeper

Counterattack Game - Drill Forms Learning How To Counterattack

We start with our module for learning the counterattack game that is classified into seven main topics. This is not a purely theoretical account of the counterattack game......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Flat And High

Exactly five passes until scoring, wherein the third, fourth and fifth pass can be hit at different heights. Thus, the difficulty varies during the sequence. Start with flat passes in the entire action, and then the players get......

Passing exercise

Magic Square

This square is not really magical, it looks like that only at the first glance. In the example illustrated, the drill runs clockwise; you will notice this when you take a closer look. Nevertheless, the players must always adapt to a new situation.....

Passing exercise

Running Pass

A great game for kids soccer drill. A good set-up of the cones is necessary for this drill. Each position should be occupied at least twice.
Form two groups (black and red). The player of the first group (red) dribbles through.....

Soccer exercise tackling

Twin Duel

The coach is also engaged in this drill. His job as a ball distributor is very important, as he controls the game. In the animation, the coach is the player, "black". The forward is dependent on when he gets the ball from the coach and......

Soccer tackling


One needs to have patience; a single drill may not be sufficient for the players to immediately implement the trick of tracking in the game. Do not be doubtful - practice makes one perfect. This drill shows that group-tactical......

Soccer exercise warm up

Lane Drill

The ball is alternatingly moved forward along a lane and guided around the cones in the slalom. We decided on four cones in our animation for slaloms; more cones are also possible, but we wanted to create a slightly higher speed......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Centre Circle Dribbling

If you do not have a centre circle, mark a circle with road markings. We use the centre circle to create centrifugal forces when dribbling. Two-legged training, speed and various dribble techniques and a contest......

Tricks exercise

Kick Forward Move

The movement sequence will become really difficult only at high speed. The problem is caused by drawing in the ball sideways and then kicking with the left foot. What is difficult are not these actions, but the execution.....

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