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New soccer training drills | September 29th, 2011

The content of our news today consists of 10 interesting drills, with a total of 14 animations and two articles. One of the articles is for our soccer magazine and the other article is for the coach section. The article -There Is Creativity Only In "We"- was written exclusively by Matthias Nowak, Life Kinetics Premium Coach, creative and technique trainer FC Bavaria Munich (women).

We are continuously expanding Soccerpilot - 121 drills and 210 animations are already available online. The response is very positive and we are very happy about that. We have far more than over a thousand drills to choose from but if you have any special requests, please let us know through our contact form.

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Creativity Soccer

There Is Creativity Only In "We"

Author: Matthias Nowak
Life Kinetics Premium Coach, creative and technique trainer FC Bavaria Munich (Women) - The new kind of creativity in today's soccer. Is creativity trainable at all, and if so, how?......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Dice 5

The way this practice field is set up allows for great variety during practice. The cones in the center are set up in the shape of a five-sided-dice. Passes from the front are also possible, but we have stuck to showing passes from the side......

Soccer exercise warm up

Dribbling And Passing

This is an interesting drill series to warm-up for soccer practice. Dribbling, passing, pursuits and many other variations keep this drill exiting. Mark two lanes, as shown in the animation. A row of players stands on each side......

Soccer exercise warm up

Pressure Pass

The shorter that distances are between the individual positions, the more difficult this drill becomes. It will take a while for your players to master this sequence; the paths are very complex. Lots of players find it difficult......

Soccer exercise dribbling


Dribbling and rotating over and over are what this drill is about. The layers keep running to new markers on the practice field. This makes it possible to train intensively, especially when the next pair starts when the players......

Soccer exercise dribbling

Team Groups

In our animation, we have made two groups out of every team. These groups will then play together and are dependent on each other. We’ll start with an easy dribble-relay competition. It is important to note, for this and the following drills......

Soccer goalkeeping exercise

Bouncing Ball

Our puppets are using different movements to show what “bouncing ball” means. In short: the goalkeeper(s) bounce the ball on the ground and then it is caught in the air or at mid-height. This is not always easy, but is good fun. The movements can be done by two goalkeepers at once......

Soccer exercise tackling

The Wave

For this drill, we need one player to pass the ball and two groups. The starting players stand at the first cone. They move between cones on demand. At the last pylon they turn towards the goal, wait for the pass and then try to quickly score a goal......

Soccer tackling


This attack is really unfair, as you can tell from the animation. It involves three attackers with two balls against one goalkeeper. But be careful! It looks easier than it is; the attackers can quickly get confused and lose the balls......

Soccer tackling

One-on-One - 8

You have probably already recognized the “8”. This drill is very easy to carry out, but you should still take care. Avoid long waiting periods and make additional practice fields; some players dribble and dribble and dribble......

Soccer feints - tricks

Upper Body - Step Over Fake

This move combines two different movement sequences. Of course, both can also be practiced separately. As is often the case, the sequence is shown in slow motion. Once you master the move with a stationary ball......

How do I find the right team?

How Much Does A Soccer Coach Earn?

Coaches who are at the top of their game easily earn eight figures. Being a soccer coach can be a very lucrative job, but anyone wanting to be a coach for this reason should think again.......

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