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New soccer training drills | August 14th, 2011

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Soccer training tricks

Portugal Twist

When the animation was finished, I couldn’t really make much of it. But in our box of tricks, you should always be able to clearly see exactly what needs to happen, and when. For that reason, I’ve taken the slightly......

Soccer exercise goal-shot

Shadow Shots

This drill uses shadowing in three ways to get to a goal shot. This looks easier than it is in practice, because the ball needs to be passed sideways whilst moving forwards, and is often passed too far forwards......

Soccer ball control

Technique Festival

Make groups of three – the player in the middle is really put under stress. He needs to keep dealing with the balls which are passed to him and keep returning them to the other players. Don’t forget that every player should go in the......

Tackling coach tips


The players in the centre of the playing field have a lot to do in this drill. Substitute other players in regularly. This passing game involves constant changes from short to long passes, as well as the constant one-on-one action......

Passin soccer exercises

Cone Marker Turn

I think you’ll be able to tell from the animation that this drill is not an easy one to carry out: without accurate passing and good communication between partners, the drill won’t run smoothly......

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