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Soccer training – Indoor - Diving Header

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Soccer drill procedure

Dive towards the header ball while running. The responsibility for the correct timing is with the thrower. The header player will be able to adjust his run-up to the throw only with some practice.

The following is new:

The trainee runs from a distance of 4 - 6 m to the mat and leaps towards the ball. Do not place the mat diagonally any longer.


NOTE: This header drill is not suitable for beginners.
A soft mat is used for safe execution of this drill and eliminates the fear of diving towards the ball. Pay attention to exact throw-ins! Following the throw-in, the trainee falls with the torso towards the ball, at first without a dive. The header takes place when the torso is almost stretched.


- Enlarge the distance of the thrower to the mat

Soccer coach tips

- No compulsion to execution
- Tempo increase during the run-up
- Individual error corrections

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training
Minimum group size: 1 + thrower
Maximum group size: 8 + thrower
Materials required: 1 soft mat, 1 ball
Field size: -

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