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Soccer training – Indoor - Diving Header

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Soccer drill procedure

Let's move on with the diving header. It is quite difficult from the standing position, but the soft mat shortens the falling height considerably.

This is what's new:

The player dives from the standing position towards the ball.


NOTE: This header drill is not suitable for beginners.
A soft mat is used for safe execution of this drill and eliminates the fear of diving towards the ball. In this drill, the mat can also be placed diagonally, which helps several pairs of players to train at the same time. Pay attention to exact throw-ins! Following the throw-in, the trainee falls with the torso towards the ball, at first without a dive. The header takes place when the torso is almost stretched.


- Enlarge the distance of the thrower to the mat

Soccer coach tips

- No compulsion to execution
- Individual error corrections

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training
Minimum group size: 1 + thrower
Maximum group size: 8 + thrower
Materials required: 1 soft mat, 1 ball
Field size: -

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