Soccer training – Goal shots - Direct Receiving

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Soccer drill procedure

Did you notice the difference in how the drill is carried out? The players in the centre now look in the other direction, because the ball will be passed to them from the other side. The groups get mixed together by this. Constant changing of sides, one new position after another: it’s not easy, because the exercise keeps being interrupted by mistakes. Give your players some time to become truly confident with the drill – patience is a virtue for soccer trainers.


The continuation of the drill corresponds to that in the introductory exercise. The players receive a pass from the other side of the field, before joining the group on the other side.


- Control the ball before making the goal shot

Soccer coach tips

- Use both legs: don’t avoid the weaker shooting leg

Organisation of the soccer training drill

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors
Minimum group size: 10 + 2 goalies
Maximum group size: 16 + 2 goalies
Materials required: Enough balls, 6 cone markers, 2 goals
Field size: Enough space before the goal

Information: There are already more than 1,000 animations online at www.soccerdrills.de, as well as plenty of interesting articles by very well-known soccer experts.

If you don’t want to wait for the translations, you can take a look at Soccerdrills.de. The animations often speak for themselves.

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