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Soccer drill procedure

If the start was successful, we can escalate.

We now bring movement into the game and send the pairs, one after the other, to the practice field. Initially the gaps between the pairs should be larger, as obstructions will soon occur if the action does not function properly. With increasing duration of the drill, the distances may be gradually reduced; we shall then see how things go.


In the process, the players move forward. The players pass the ball back and forth, as seen in the animation. The pass receiver pulls the ball around the next cone, always sideways with the sole.


- Reduce spacing between cones! The shorter the distance, the more demanding the technical dexterity of the players.

Soccer coach tips

- Pay attention to action with both legs
- Ample breaks
- Individual error correction

Information: There are already more than 1,000 animations online at, as well as plenty of interesting articles by very well-known soccer experts.

If you don’t want to wait for the translations, you can take a look at The animations often speak for themselves.

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